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A Sprint Race to Gain Some Rhythm

During my transition year after two years of Ironman training and racing, I decided to spend more time with my athletes and also to have fun racing without pressure associated with times and/or placing.

As I am finalizing my preparation for the World Championships in Duathlon in Scotland (Sept 4) I take part in some events, registering at the last minute (often on race morning even!!!) and integrate them as hard training sessions. 

This past week-end, I competed in a sprint triathlon (400m swim. 11 miles bike and 3.5 run) set up locally. Surviving a particular dirty swim which resembles more a “Tarzan jungle swim” than anything else may be the main challenge despite a later challenging run course.

This year, for my second participation, I dropped the bike almost two minutes behind the lead athlete, left with the goal to chase him down. With such a deficit and no knowledge of this athlete’s running ability, I did not know whether it would be possible or not to win this event. And although I wanted it to be a hard training session, I too cheat from time to time and switch to racing when victory is in sight.

So a couple of sub 6 min/mile surges allowed me to get back on his heels and collect the win after playing some strategic moves in the final 500 yards or so.

Fun event and good training.


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